Are you ready to transform your look?
With hair that looks and feels so natural?


Most popular and natural looking are 18" wefts, most clients like 4 or 5 wefts. There are exceptions with very long or very short hair. Custom prices available at consult.
18 inch: $800-850
22 inch: $950-1000
24 inch: $1000-1200

Each move up session is $125-150


Several colors can be used together. Hair that is cared for usually lasts about one year.

Care includes: Brushing gently and regularly. Use professional shampoo and conditioner. Do not over wash, about 2 or 3 times a week.

Always dry the weft close to the scalp to avoid molding.

When using sunscreen it can turn light blonde hair pink. Products are ok to use on wefts, especially heat protectants and oil on the ends.